Welcome to the Coffaro on-line database. We appreciate that, given our "Crazy Futures Program," it can sometimes be hard to remember just what wine has been ordered and/or has not yet been picked up or shipped. So we are giving our customers an on-line option to view that information.

We have given our customers an ID code to access the information. If you have forgotten the code, please write to pat@coffaro.com, and we'll send it along. Your ID code is for use only with this database and is not used for the purchase or shipping of wine.

Merely enter your ID code in the box below and hit the submit button in order to get a list of wines that you have purchased within the past few years. If you are having problems, please write to pat@coffaro.com to be sure you have your correct code. And if you need to have your wine shipped, use this link to go directly to our shipping form

If you aren't already taking advantage of our wine discount programs, please check out the Vintage Circle and Dave's Wine Club. If you need more information, write to Pat.

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