February, 2009

Spotlight and Wine Quip!
Matt's Unique Perspective on Our Wines

Hello again and welcome to another version of our Behind the Barrel Wine Quip. My name is Matt Wilson and I will be your host this time as I have been in the past. But seriously folks!

We have just finished blending our 2008 vintage wines and just bottled up our 2007 Ultimate Cuvee as well as our 2008 Fresco Rosé, all of which are really looking and tasting great. With 2008 being our return to estate grown fruit, it is amazing to see the variety of flavors that can be produced from our property. The land stretches from Dry Creek Rd. to the actual Dry Creek, about 1,200 feet from tip to tail. In that expanse we have a low lying section nearer the road that holds moisture like a glass of water. Towards the middle is a higher knoll with rocky and well draining soil. Back at the creek the soil turns sandy and the vines get really large and thick.

As we blended the wines, we tasted them and there were a few surprises. First off is the Escuro, which we knew was going to be good, just not this good! Dark, rich and tannic, it is slowly becoming the wine that we want to drink more and more. Also we found that the My Zin is really interesting this time around. It is the first estate grown My Zin we have made and this year, due to frost and low yield, we were unable to put the Cabernet Sauvignon into it. With only Petite Sirah this year, it has a much more hefty flavor along with the spicy Zinfandel.

With February now here, we decided to have a Wine Sale and it will feature our 2006 Tannat. Originally priced at $26 per bottle, we are bringing it out only for the month of February at a mere $18 (a discount of over 30%). If you buy four or more bottles, the discounts just keep going. At a case you are looking at just over $15 a bottle and for Vintage Circle Members it is just above $12! Woo Hoo!

If you have ever had Tannat then you are thinking black color, robust flavor, chalky mouthfeel, hugely tannic and over the top oak. Scratch all of that from your head. This is way more drinkable, way more subtle and a hundred times smoother. We sourced the grapes from the Russian River Valley, which lends a balanced acid and subtle yet bold tannin. Then we blended in 23% Petite Verdot in order to round out the flavors and really bring in some added richness. When you first taste this it is vibrant yet dark, then it works its way into tannic along with some acid and then finishes with a lovely bit of oak. As I always say, swirl this in your mouth just like you would mouthwash.

This wine is a perfect match with duck, barbeque or a rib roast. Something that has a good quality fat on it so that you just want to take a mouthwatering bite and then a drying sip of wine. But now your mouth is dry, time to take another mouthwatering bite and....

By the way, we have less than 50 cases of this stuff left. No pressure.

Enjoy and Cheers!

Matt Wilson
Assistant Winemaker

David Coffaro Vineyard & Winery
7485 Dry Creek Road
Geyserville CA 95441
Phn: 707-433-9715
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